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    Created and Domain Registered in 1998, CHOICEImaging.com was intended to be the future hub in a network of Made in America customized, personalized and originally designed products, selling online to the American marketplace. This online store is part of that network, and this document outlines the core Policy Statements that are in place to address customer & product-related concerns such as Ordering & Fulfillment, Warranty & Returns and Personal Privacy & Online Security.


    I promise I won't look when you're naked...

    This privacy statement has been written to explain how personal information, you provide, is treated while within the business confines of CHOICEImaging, aka James "Rolin" Stone, and operating under the Florida State registered Sole-Proprietorship and business entity known as SoftWear Serigraphic Services. This Privacy Statement, my Store Policies & Legal Notices, are inclusive of any online business that I may run. It is my intention to comply with any and all applicable data & personal privacy laws, and will absolutely never directly give out any personal information that you may provide during the purchasing of my products, or otherwise in any other communications, without your expressed permission and/or by your expressed request.

    From time-to-time I may amend this Privacy Policy, should any additional measures related to the protection of your personal information as provided to me that may further improve and/or enhance your online privacy & security come to my attention.


    CHOICEImaging and/or SoftWear Serigraphic Services, or myself do not directly process product transactions and/or payments, and therefore do not directly collect any information from you until you have placed an order through my online store. It is during the Checkout process that you initially provide the sensitive information that is under discussion in this Privacy Statement.

  • When you purchase a product from this or any of my online stores, and you enter the Shopping Cart, your order is handled by a third-party Merchant & Payment Processor, which then proceeds to process your order using product input, options, etc. which I have provided, and which you have then subsequently selected for your order. This is all done by software programming, and it is very unlikely that any actual person aside form myself will ever have reason to look directly at your personal information.

  • Once the order has been processed successfully, the third-party Merchant & Payment Processor will then forward the order back to me with the information you provided when placing your order. Aside from the product order specifics, this information would include your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and other information which may be required to fulfill the product order.

  • Payment information that you provide such as your credit card type and number are not provided and/or forwarded to me. That information remains securely with the third-party Merchant & Payment Processor, just as it would in any other environment in which you have made a transaction using some form of electronic credit, check, bank or debit card. Whether it is online, over the telephone or in a physical location such as a department store, restaurant or other merchant facility.

  • Additionally, this kind of sensitive information is rarely gleened by an actual human being, other than yourself and anyone that you have given expressed personal permission to, such as in the case of a payment dispute and/or problem you may encounter with an order.

  • Because CHOICEImaging and/or SoftWear Serigraphic Services, or myself, do not directly process payments, I have made arrangements with a select group of trusted third-party Merchant & Payment Processors, who on my behalf process your electronic payments when you place an order for one or more of my products.

  • In regard to the sensitive information you provide when placing your order, your Privacy and Security concerns are with these third-party Merchant & Payment Processors, and it is to them that you should rely on for their specific Policies in those regards. Such policies will be made available to you during the Checkout process.

  • In some cases I may receive an email inquiry from a prospective customer, in which case, and only after confirmation by the person making the inquiry, I will include that name and email address in my Product Notification mailing list.

  • The ways in which I may use the personal information provided to me include:
    1. to deliver your order, or to notify or otherwise communicate with you on the status of your order;
    2. to provide you with technical support or help with an order related problem;
    3. to provide you with product updates, product announcements, and other product offerings;
    4. to send you, with your consent, newsletters or promotional emails or undertake other promotional activities; and
    5. to permit you to participate in online surveys and polls, assuming you voluntarily agree to provide such information in connection with these surveys and polls.

    I currently send one email announcement each year to notify my customers that new products are going on sale. This notification is sent generally between August and September. In no other way do I share of authorize the use of any personal information collected while you are interacting with my online business.
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    The Showroom Is "Virtual", But The Products Are Real

    Display images for products sold on this web site are not actual photographs of the product. They are digital illustrations that have been optimized for viewing on a computer monitor, and taken directly from the graphic files used to print your product. Although I strive to accurately depict the product, I cannot guarantee an exact match in color or image intensity due to the visual differences that exist between a monitor image and a printed image. The same will be true for Personalized products where an option is available to "proof" a customized design prior to the fulfillment of an order. The "proof" will be a digital computer image, and meant to approximate the actual printed image. For this reason, my Warranty does not cover complaints arising from expectations based solely on digital representations. See below for additional Warranty information.


  • Orders are shipped currently by USPS Priority Mail, and under normal circumstances, within 3-5 business days after your order has been placed, accepted & approved. And additionally, once you have uploaded your image-file if you are ordering a Personalized product. Delays may occur during peak holiday season, so please keep that in mind when you place your order. If a problem occurs in the fulfillment of your order which may result in a delay in shipping, you will be contacted at the email address you provided when placing your order to notify you and/or request instructions.

  • I may occassionally devise or concoct a Sale, Incentive, Special, Rebate or Giveaway in order to persuade customers to purchase more of my original products. Except where otherwise indicated and/or provided for in the Shopping Cart & Checkout process, any discounts or reductions in the amount due on an order require that all items in that order ship to a single address.


    All my products are Warranted against defects in Material[?] and Workmanship[?]  for a period of 30 days from the USPS Delivery Confirmation date. Materials including the printed substrate, would typically be a textile material such as a Cap, T-shirt, Wall Calendar, etc., but would include any product I may offer in the future, or from time to time on a limited basis. Materials would also include any additional components that may be included in a product order. Workmanship would include the production and manufacture of the Materials as previously defined, in addition to any printing or additional alteration that I may subsequently apply to the substrate, either by design or at a customer's request.

  • On all ORIGINAL DESIGN and PREPRINTED PRODUCTS, other than original products that have been customized, personalized or otherwise altered at the request of the customer, rendering them unfit for restocking purposes, your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! Just contact me with your request for a Refund or Exchange. All products must be returned at the customer's expense.

    For Products that are returned for Refund or Replacement, I will additionally Refund the Customer's Return Shipping Expense, once I have received the retuned item and determined that it is defective.

    For Refunds and Exchanges for items that the customer has, upon delivery, found to be aesthetically unsatisfactory, or otherwise for reasons other than product-related defects, no refund for the customer's return shipping expense will be allowed.

  • For all PERSONALIZED OR CUSTOM PRODUCTS, refunds and exchanges are only available for product defects as outlined in the first paragraph of this section. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is contingent on the customer's understanding of the imaging variables at play in digital reproduction on a computer monitor as opposed to the actual printed product as described in the section above titled: THE SHOWROOM IS "VIRTUAL", BUT THE PRODUCTS ARE REAL. In cases where the product's printed image is unsatisfactory to the customer, please contact me to determine if it is a problem that could have been avoided on my part, or whether the printed image quality was due to the quality of the original image-file provided to me by the customer, or other factors beyond my control, such as the inherent limitations of the equipment used to produce the finished product. I do inspect all image-files submitted by customers for personalized products to determine suitability for quality reproduction. If I believe an image lacks sufficient reproduction quality, I will contact the customer for further instructions on how to proceed, or not. In some cases, the customer may expect the printed image to be as bright and crisp as a paper photograph or a monitor image. Unfortunately, printing on a textured cloth substrate cannot produce an image that is comparable to a computer monitor display or a non-woven, untextured substrate. Especially in this Retail price range.

    For defective Products that are returned for Refund or Replacement, if and when I have determined the product to be defective, I will additionally Refund the Customer's Return Shipping Expense.

  • When submitting custom text for a personalized or customized product, while I do make every attempt to adequately check for mistakes in spelling, etc., I do not edit the submitted text, nor am I responsible for any errors where I have accurately reproduced the text as submitted by the customer. This would include spelling mistakes made by the customer to their submitted text, and includes the puctuation and capitalization of the text as provided by the customer. If I suspect the customer has unintentionally submitted text with errors in spelling, etc. I will contact them for confirmation, and/or changes. However, during peak production times, it is especially in the best interest of the customer to adequately inspect their text submissions for mistakes prior to placing their order.

  • If an originally-designed product includes an option whereby you may substitute an existing text with your own, rearrange an existing text or opt to omit the existing text, the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee would apply, except where the customer has substituted their own text in place of the original design text.

  • Any Warranty either expressed or implied does not apply to damage which may occur during shipping or for the careless and/or improper handling of any purchased product by the customer upon receipt. I reserve the right to deny any Return for Refund and/or Return for Exchange based on information which may indicate attempted fraud by the customer for the purpose of a Refund. Additionally I may require a customer to accept an exact Replacement of a product if it cannot be determined or agreed as to the exact nature of the defect or reason for the customer's complaint. Any product that has been approved for Refund/Exchange will, at my discretion, be required to be returned Prepaid to my location at the customer's expense.
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    Making things I hope you'll enjoy for years to come...

    This e-commerce or public service web site is operated under the legal business name of SoftWear Serigraphic Services, and is conducting business or public service activities online under the monikor of CHOICEImaging. SoftWear Serigraphic Services is registered in the state of Florida, United States, as a Sole-Proprietorship under the name of James Stone, 155 S. 4th St., Santa Rosa Beach, FL, USA 32459-3990. CHOICEImaging.com is the online domain registered central hub for this web site. This domain as well as a number of other registered domains including, but not limited to: CHOICEImaging.com, 2001ce.com, 2010ce.com, Fish-n-tees.com, GoneFishinTees.com, AeroTees.com, Century-Club.com, LocalsClub.com and PatriotRebel.org, are all part of this busness description, and this Business Statement would apply in general to any of these domains.


    All content included on this e-commerce or public service web site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips and software, are the property of James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com, its Affiliates and/or its content suppliers and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. The compilation (meaning the collection, arrangement and assembly) of all content on this e-commerce or public service web site is the exclusive property of James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com, and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All software used on this e-commerce or public service web site is the property of James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com, or its software suppliers and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Any use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display or performance, of the content on this e-commerce or public service web site is strictly prohibited by law, except where express permission has been given by James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com for a predetermined and agreed to specific usage.


    CHOICEImaging is a trademark of James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com, and/or its Affiliates in the United States and other countries. ALL CHOICEImaging and its Affiliates' graphics, logos and service names are trademarks of James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com, and/or its Affiliates. Any trademarks associated with James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com, and/or its Affiliate's, may not be used in connection with any product or service that are not the legally owned property of James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com, and/or its Affiliates, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com, and/or its Affiliates.


    This e-commerce or public service web site is provided by James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com on an "AS IS" basis. James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of the site, the information, content, materials or products, included on this site. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental punitive and consequential damages.


    This e-commerce or public service web site was created and is controlled by James Stone for SoftWear Serigraphic Services, aka: CHOICEImaging.com in the State of Florida, USA. As such, the laws of the State of Florida will govern these disclaimers, terms and conditions, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws. I reserve the right to make changes to my e-commerce or public service web sites, and these disclaimers, terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, except where required by Law.

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